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We make a great team; David is a creative visionary, and Ashley is a business-minded achiever! Our goal is to win college students to Christ, build them up in their faith and send them on a life-long mission with Christ. 


Today nearly one percent of the world's 7 billion people go on to college. They are the future leaders of tomorrow's political, corporate and cultural landscapes. And today they are in desperate need of the gospel! While partying and illicit relationships offer satisfaction now, Jesus offers thirst-quenching life to the fullest for eternity! 


Since 2008 we've committed our hearts and skills to launching gospel movements. First we pursued this in Western Pennsylvania. Then in 2015 we moved to New York City where for the next 8 years we learned to connect the gospel story to urban, post-Christian students. Now we are reaching colleges students all across the Washington DC Metro area. Find out more information by following the links on this page. 

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